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September 2016 Top

Issue 50 | September 2016
In this issue: Maximising investment by cancer megafunds, positive clinical trials for an antibody to treat lupus, how copper can be used to tackle obesity, whether day and night should influence our drug regimes, a device to soak up excess drugs and more.

August 2016 Top

Issue 49 | August 2016
In this issue: Improving treatment for refugees, making global drug price regulation work, a new approach to AMR, tackling depression with psilocybin, combating counterfeit Viagra, innovations in temperature controlled packaging and more.

July 2016 Top

Issue 48 | July 2016
In this issue: Nurturing an African pharma boom, the challenges of designing biodegradable drugs, the UK’s R&D tax credit scheme, advances in prostate cancer treatment, treating heroin addiction, best practice for anonymising clinical trial data and more.

June 2016 Top

Issue 47 | June 2016
In this issue: The breast cancer drug pipeline, getting biosimilars to market, the debate about animal research, olive leaf extract on trial, text mining in the biotech sector, outsourcing clinical trials in emerging markets and more.

May 2016 Top

Issue 46 | May 2016
In this issue: Getting a grip on the Zika virus, mining for medicines, Obama’s cancer moonshot, learning from Bial’s French trial disaster, digital innovation in pharmaceutical packaging and more.

April 2016 Top

Issue 45 | April 2016
In this issue: Israel’s pharma market, what Brexit would mean for clinical research in the UK, developments in obstetrics, the trouble with inhalable insulin, the FDA’s new support for innovation in manufacturing, plant-based vaccine manufacturing and more.

March 2016 Top

Issue 44 | March 2016
In this issue: Clinical trials in Russia, how understanding the microbiome could help with drug delivery, making the most of data analytics, the potential of wearable trackers in clinical trial data collection, the pharma industry’s role in fighting climate change and more.

February 2016 Top

Issue 43 | February 2016
In this issue: A look inside China’s pharmaceutical market, GSK’s pipeline to 2020, tackling the world’s most pressing clinical needs, new digital tools for clinical trials, a new approach to predicting side effects and more.

January 2016 Top

Issue 42 | January 2016
In this issue: Bridging the GP – big pharma divide, the year ahead in regulation, world-changing research into parasitic diseases, the first 3D printing method for adult stem cells, the ethics of marketing pharmaceuticals online, and more.

December 2015 Top

Issue 41 | December 2015
In this issue: regulation updates for EU-FMD and IDMP, why flibanserin remains controversial, why farm dust could be the key to preventing asthma, new efforts to reduce placebo use in clinical trials, and more.

November 2015 Top

Issue 40 | November 2015
In this issue: The industry’s quest for abuse-deterrent painkillers, progress of the US Drug Quality and Security Act, innovations in asthma treatment, the search for alternatives to antibiotics, how the UK’s biosciences sector can attract new talent, and more.

October 2015 Top

Issue 39 | October 2015
In this issue: How the industry can prepare for Britain’s EU referendum, London’s proposed £10bn drug development ‘megafund’, why antibiotics innovation has stalled despite the growing AMR threat, new malaria research that could lead to a $1 cure, the potential of statins for cancer treatment, and more.

September 2015 Top

Issue 38 | September 2015
In this issue: South Africa’s long road to domestic manufacturing, the 21st Century Cures Act divides opinion in the US, closing the talent gap in contract research, the growing market for unlicensed drugs, and more.

August 2015 Top

Issue 37 | August 2015
In this issue: New findings on fake medicines, progress in predicting cancer, the rocky road ahead for biosimilars developers, a new wave of treatments for hearing loss, trends in packaging and more.

July 2015 Top

Issue 36 | July 2015
In this issue: A new gene therapy for lung cancer, a new approach to hepatitis B vaccines, tackling obesity with bioengineered bacteria, what Apple’s ResearchKit brings to clinical trials, big data solutions to pharma’s problems, European marketing self-regulation under fire, and more.

May 2015 Top

Issue 35 | May 2015
In this issue: How pharmacogenomics is paving the way for personalised drug plans, new ideas for flu vaccine development, fighting antimicrobial resistance on all fronts, why a regulatory re-think is needed to unlock the potential of regenerative medicine and more.

March 2015 Top

Issue 34 | March 2015
In this issue: Unlocking unknown benefits of existing drugs, a new approach to stopping cancer spread, competition and opportunities in the HIV drugs market, building up business in Japan, striking the right balance with child-resistant drug packaging and more.

January 2015 Top

Issue 33 | January 2015
In this issue: Building on the success of dropping child cancer death rates in the UK, upcoming changes for 2015, the effects of mergers on innovation, rethinking the role of the placebo, neuropathic pain treatments in the pipeline, and more

December 2014 Top

Issue 32 | December 2014
In this issue: New combinations of existing cancer treatments show promising results, complying with new EU-FMD safety features, increasing time to market with new technologies, lymphoma treatments in the pipeline, tackling AMR with nanotechnology and more.

October 2014 Top

Issue 31 | October 2014
The clinical trials special issue: the economics of large-scale trials, new treatments for Type 2 Diabetes and obesity, the benefits of adaptive licensing for orphan drugs, data and trial management software and more.

August 2014 Top

Issue 30 | August 2014
In this issue: A new approach to Alzheimer’s clinical trials, India’s ambitions to jump from generics manufacturer to drug innovator, integrating real-life data into drug development, a new era for PAH treatment in the UK, self-expiring pharma packaging and more.

June 2014 Top

Issue 29 | June 2014
In this issue: Ireland’s pharma market after the patent cliff, changes in life science investment, the drug pricing debate, statins in the spotlight, the medical potential of honey and more

April 2014 Top

Issue 28 | April 2014
In this issue: A functional cure for HIV, the new clinical data sharing principles, what the industry has learned from the influenza A pandemic five years ago, pain-free injections with microneedles and more

February 2014 Top

Issue 27 | February 2014
In this issue: Boosting clinical trial participation, the potential of bioprinting in regenerative medicine, progress in type 1 diabetes vaccines, the US military’s plant-based vaccine production project, software that speeds up tumour tissue analysis, controlling malaria and dengue fever outbreaks with open-source modelling, and more.

December 2013 Top

Issue 26 | December 2013
In this issue: The future of bioelectronic medicine, the winners of the Pharma Technology Focus Awards 2013, what the US Supreme Court’s ruling on DNA patenting means for future research, the ethics of advertising prescription drugs directly to patients, why elemental impurity analysis needs to be modernised, a look at the influenza vaccine market, the controversial decision-making process for cancer drug approvals in the UK, and more

October 2013Top

Issue 25 | October 2013
In this issue: How personalised medicine could revolutionise future medical care, recent breakthroughs in the battle against Malaria, how changes to GMP guidelines across Europe will affect CMOs and their customers, overcoming the challenges of managing cold chains in regions with weak infrastructures, a look at new anti-counterfeit regulations for manufacturing and distribution, and more

August 2013 Top

Issue 24 | August 2013
In this issue: Could nano-robots change the game for targeted drug delivery? Plus: The cancer-killing avian virus, challenges in implementing the EC’s Falsified Medicines Directive, Type 2 diabetes market insight, the placebo trend in the UK, the health implications of antibiotics in the food chain, new developments in drug delivery devices, and more

June 2013 Top

Issue 23 | June 2013
In this issue: New opportunities for the generics market, the potential of plant molecular farming, a new generation of transdermal patches, how a new nerve targeting drug delivery system could revolutionise the treatment of intractable pain, the challenges of developing combination drugs, cold chain technology, and more

April 2013 Top

Issue 22 | April 2013
In this issue: The EU’s parallel drug trade dilemma, the controversy surrounding clinical data disclosure, a new subcutaneous drug delivery platform, the future of analgesic drug development, building an effective cold chain, Mexico’s rise in the pharma market, growth opportunities for biopharma in Latin America, and more

March 2013 Top

Issue 21 | March 2013
In this issue: New hope for preventative HIV vaccination, crowdfunding clinical research, effective cancer treatment with antibody-drug conjugates, the role of naïve t-cells in cancer and HIV treatment, continuous manufacturing, new inhalation technology, and more.

December Top

Issue 20 | December 2012
In Short Supply: The role of the supply chain in tackling drug shortages | Plus: Getting emergency healthcare into Syria, cloud-based supply chain management, preventing medical cargo theft, the push for continuous temperature monitoring, and more

November Top

Issue 19 | November 2012
Small Players, Big Potential: Why small biotech companies take the innovative edge in new drug development | Plus: A push for Alzheimer’s research, the search for a more effective TB treatment, new schizophrenia discoveries, and more

October Top

Issue 18 | October 2012
Fighting Fakes: From packaging technology to new legislation, industry and regulators are battling on all fronts against the spread of counterfeit medicines.

September Top

Issue 17 | September 2012
Output vs. Quality: Are increasingly stringent regulations on manufacturing and ingredients the cause for the growing problem of drug shortages?

August Top

Issue 16 | August 2012
Cutting the Paper Trail: Clinical trials need better streamlined technology and industry-wide standards to become more efficient

July Top

Issue 15 | July 2012
Programmable, self-propelled and powerful: How nano-devices could open up the door to a new era of highly targeted drug delivery.

June Top

Issue 14 | June 2012
Clouds of change: How advanced computing technology will help Big Pharma to manage and streamline the growing amounts of ever more complex clinical data.

May Top

Issue 13 | May 2012
In the pipeline: From advances in robotic research to new cures
for addictions and life-threatening diseases, drug
developers are opening up new frontiers.

April Top

Issue 12 | April 2012
In this issue: Essential protection – pharmaceuticals place high demands on packaging,
giving rise to ever more advanced packaging technologies to ensure the safety and usability of medicines.


Issue 11 | March 2012
Issue theme: Manufacturing and ingredients – We look at technological advances in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing and APIs and explore some of the challenges faced by companies operating in the sector.


Issue 10 | February 2012
Issue theme: Trial & Success – We explore the best strategies and the latest technology that can hep to make clinical trials quicker, safer and more cost-efficient

January Top

Issue 9 | January 2012
Issue theme: Advanced Delivery – From nanoscale targeting to controlled release breakthroughs, rapidly evolving delivery methods are making medicines more effective than ever

December Top

Issue 8 | December 2011
Issue Theme: Essential Networks – How the industry can secure supply chains while improving efficiencies in logistics

November Top

Issue 7 | Novermber 2011
Issue Theme: Finding new cures – Market shifts and emerging technologies are pushing drug development into a new era

October Top

Issue 6 | October 2011
Issue Theme: What’s on the label – Advanced packaging and labelling systems are essential in making medicines safer

September Top

Issue 5 | September 2011
Issue Theme: Life-saving precision: We look at trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing

August Top

Issue 4 | August 2011
Issue Theme: Combating counterfeits – how the industry can protect products, the supply chain and patients from the black market trade

July Top

Issue 3 | July 2011
Issue Theme: Better medicine – from needle free to nanotechnology, new drug delivery systems are set to revolutionise medical treatment

June Top

Issue 2 | June 2011
Issue Theme: The road to market – how pharma companies can meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex supply chains

May Top

Issue 1 | May 2011
Issue Theme: Drug discovery and development

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