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ARTES Biotechnology, a profitable German biotech company, offers innovative solutions in recombinant protein production and process development. We provide our technology and know-how for the establishment of reliable and competitive processes used for the production of biosimilars and for new pharma-protein targets as well as for enzymes applied in fine chemical or life science industries.

The focus of our service and licence offer is on gene expression in the high-yield yeast system Hansenula polymorpha (methylotrophic alternative to Pichia). This platform technology is secured by our own IP and by exclusive licences worldwide.

Biopharmaceutical expression yields

The Hansenula technology platform has gained worldwide attention due to its superior expression yields, proven by a number of registered pharma products and successful pre-clinical and clinical studies (e.g. hepatitis B vaccine, hepatitis C vaccine, insulin, interferon alpha2a and 2b, hirudin, elafin, flu vaccines). Due to the absence of endotoxins and allergens, such as allergenic sugars, Hansenula is accepted as a safe production organism for high-value pharmaceutical products.

ARTES’ technology excels with safe, fast and efficient production features. Competitive advantages over other microbial systems translate into reduced cost of goods. In the case of interferon alpha2a our Hansenula-related process decreases the production costs down to approximately 25% compared with a common E. coli process.

Strain, upstream and downstream processes and products

Strain, upstream and downstream process, QC:

  • HBsAg
  • Hirudin
  • Interferon a2a
  • Interferon a2b

Strain, upstream process:

  • Staphylokinase
  • Insulin
  • HSA
  • Hirulog


  • PTH
  • G-CSF
  • GM-CSF
  • hGrowth hormone
  • IL-2
  • IL-6
  • Ferritin
  • hArginaseI

ARTES offers transfer of process technology for the local production of recombinant APIs. This transfer includes the production strain and process documentation and may be extended by training batches, bulk supply and formulation development.

Feasibility studies and process development for the generation of recombinant protein strains

ARTES offers tailor-made feasibility studies for the generation of recombinant strains to provide the most efficient solution for the customer’s protein production. A team with up to 20 years’ experience in contract research, troubleshooting of expression problems, process development and production of biopharma targets focuses on your individual project.

There is a proven track record in this area of contract R&D achieved with a broad proprietary platform of tools and technologies. ARTES has the ideal combination of efficient expression elements and secretion signals, specially engineered host strains and short, inexpensive fermentation strategies that allow for high-yield, economically feasible protein production. Our deliverables include characterised production strains and a professional documentation suitable for further registration purposes.

Enhanced protein secretion

The exclusive Chaperone technology enables ARTES to optimise secretion in Hansenula and also in every kind of yeast. The toolbox is successfully applied for debottlenecking of secretion and it is applicable for strains that are newly produced or already inserted in a process. It is a tool particularly suitable for troubleshooting and for reduction of production costs.

The co-expression of host-derived chaperones has been established for the reliable and significant boost of secretion levels of recombinant products. Between 50% and 350% increase in the secretory capacity of our host strains have been achieved for several different target proteins.

Process development and quality control for recombinant proteins

Following the successful supply of production strains, ARTES Biotechnology can act as general contractor for all further steps of product development. For this ARTES offers lab-scaled fermentations (up to 1l) and can support with downstream processing know-how. Furthermore can we ensure, via a network of partners, up-scaling service and cGMP manufacturing at scales up to 1,000l.

Global technology licensing – service and licence from one source

ARTES Biotechnology offers internationally protected systems, technologies and products, as well as unpatented know-how and expertise. All relevant licence rights required for commercialisation of the client’s product can be obtained from only one source. Terms and conditions are flexibly adapted to the business case and linked tightly to commercial success.

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Press Release

Exclusive Cooperation Between ARTES and the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences

ARTES has announced that it has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. The agreement is that the NAS technology based on the yeast organism Hansenula polymorpha is now exclusively marketed and licensed by ARTES Bio

ARTES Biotechnology GmbH

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Press Release

8 March 2011

Fujifilm Corporation and Merck, known as MSD outside the US and Canada, have announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement by which Fujifilm will acquire the Merck BioManufacturing Network, a leading provider of contract manufacturing and development services for the biopharmaceut

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26 September 2010

ARTES Biotechnology announces today the acquirement of the ANAVAX virus-like particle (VLP) technology from Select Vaccines. ANAVAX is a patent-protected VLP technology that can be applied to the prevention of several infectious diseases. With the combination of two excellent technolog

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28 April 2010

Q Chip and ARTES Biotechnology have announced that they have signed a collaborative agreement to explore the co-development of a new sustained release formulation of interferon alpha 2a for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C. The study is designed to evaluate Q Chips' Q-Sphera&

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16 November 2009

ARTES Biotechnology, specialised in recombinant protein production and process development from yeast expression systems, and Rhein Minapharm Biogenetics, a subsidiary of Minapharm SAE, jointly announced the successful production of a new target of a therapeutic protein. This was the first result

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1 September 2009

ARTES Biotechnology has announced its collaboration with five other collaboration partners in a joint 28-month research programme that is granted by the national Deutsche Stiftung Umwelt within the ChemBioTec initiative. The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU is one of Europe's largest foundation

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5 August 2009

ARTES has announced that it has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. The agreement is that the NAS technology based on the yeast organism Hansenula polymorpha is now exclusively marketed and licensed by ARTES Bio

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10 May 2009

ARTES Biotechnology has announced its collaboration with Henkel in a joint three-year research programme that is granted by the German national BMBF (German Ministery of Education and Research) within the CLIB2021 cluster (Wettbewerb Industrielle Biotechnologie 2021). The cooperation aims to adva

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14 January 2008

ARTES Biotechnology, which specializes in recombinant protein production from yeast expression systems, and Rhein Minapharm Biogenetics, a subsidiary of Minapharm, jointly announced the start of a strategic collaboration to develop three therapeutic proteins. Financial details were not disclosed.

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8 October 2007

ARTES Biotechnology GmbH expands technology platform Having achieved notable success with the Hansenula technology for years, the biotech company ARTES has now concluded an exclusive partnership with the internationally renowned Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant

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17 July 2007

"We are looking forward to working with an international team“, says Dr Melanie Dröttboom, head of business development of Artes Biotechnology GmbH. Biotech company Artes, based near Düsseldorf, has been confirmed that it is developing an aptamer-based microarray for

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29 May 2007

ACE Pharmaceuticals today announced that the first patient has entered the Phase III trial also known as the Levamisole trial. This trial was accepted by the EMEA by November 2006. The goal of this trial, which was accepted by the EMEA in November 2006, is to assess the efficacy and sa

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9 January 2007

ARTES announces the grant of the European patent on increasing recombinant protein secretion in yeast by co-expression of Calnexin, a protein responsible in intracellular quality control and sorting. In extensive studies, ARTES could show that overexpression of Calnexin results in sign

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19 June 2006

Kiel - Erkrath, June 19, 2006. PROTEO Biotech AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of PROTEO Inc., USA, has signed a cooperation agreement with ARTES Biotechnology GmbH. The aim of the agreement is the marketing of Elafin, the lead product of PROTEO Biotech AG / PROTEO Inc., in India, Egypt and Argentin

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