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Automation Systems for Small-Molecule Drug and API Development

Systag Systems

SYSTAG provides specialist innovative tools for automating chemical synthesis reactions for the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry.

From laboratory-scale to mini-pilot, SYSTAG's conceptual and automation solutions include controlled lab reactors FlexyPAT and ePAT, as well as parallel synthesis reactor FlexyCUBE. These are designed to provide chemical engineering process research with scale-up capabilities, including optimisations and thermal safety aspects.

Custom small-molecule drug development

SYSTAG's products and services generate a high-degree of added value for all custom synthesis, either in process development, process optimisation, or scale-up. The company aims to make laboratory processes more reliable, safe, and economical.

Cost-effective automated laboratory reactors assist chemists and engineers to develop processes more efficiently, allowing for a quicker and more robust scale-up.

In particular, design of experiments (DoE) standardised processes can help cut costs in a product's early development stages, delivering a high level of reproducibility and informative analysis from a comprehensive integrated logging function.

Parallel synthesis workstations for development of API

The parallel systhesis workstation FlexyCUBE follows the growing demand of contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMO) for faster development of exclusive active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), from millilitre-scale through to small-batch production.

Efficiency is achieved by the widespread use of lab automation and may increase the efficiency of an entire group or department.

Conceptional and systematic laboratory automation, can help chemists greatly by saving time to optimise their daily routine, even in the very earliest stages of development. Standard procedures such as dosing and tempering can be performed by an automated laboratory reactor.

Pressure reactors for hydrogenation and catalyst screening

FlexyPAT and FlexyPlant are two of SYSTAG's lab reactors, which combine flexible automation technologies with process research or scale-up in the kilo lab.

The reactors can meet requirements and integrate existing peripherals. They can also integrate fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) and particle size analysers. FlexyPAT can be used in morphology, thermal and physical process technology, and process analysis.

Offering 100ml glass-jacketed reactors and pressure reactors with several litres of capacity, SYSTAG's solutions can handle pressurised applications such as polymer research, catalyst screening, and hydrogenation.

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