Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Conference

25-26 September 2013

Arena International would like to welcome back for the 12th time the Pharma Packaging and Labelling Europe conference, which remains one of the industry’s most popular events of the year. By delivering year in year out on the most pressing issues facing the packaging and labelling in pharmaceuticals industry, PHPL will once again demonstrate a unique understanding of what industry leaders require from an industry-leading conference.

Case studies and keynote presentations will once again be at the forefront of an event looking to highlight the most current news on pharmacovigilance legislation, developments in labelling solutions and creating further compliance from patients through unique and innovative packaging ideas.

With extensive networking opportunities and encouraged discussion between industry leaders and peers, PHPL 2013 promises to remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical packaging and labelling industry for another year.

Speakers and presentations at the Pharma Packaging and Labelling conference

  • Keynote presentation: Providing an overview of the GS1 role within the industry and outlining the latest standards to ensure pharma companies benefit from the new information available - Esther Peelen, Senior Consultant, GS1
  • Presentation: Successfully implementing the QRD template version 9.0 and the Croatian Accession to the EU in 2013 - managing the complexities of the updates from a submission/variation, translation, artwork and packaging perspective - Lynsey Flitton, director, project lead, Pfizer
  • Case study: Overcoming the challenges associated with dealing with small packaging as a means of staying efficient and cost effective - James Crouch, packaging development manager, Martindale Pharma
  • Roundtable: Discussing the impacts of serialisation on packaging machinery in order to outline drawbacks and look for a solution - Miquel Ursul, injectables packaging manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

Special offer for biotech/pharma VPs/directors

Arena will exclusively be offering a number of free places, which are reserved for VPs/directors from biotech/pharma manufacturers. If you are a biotech/pharma VP/director and are interested in attending the conference, please visit the event website and quote ‘MK-KGPT’ in the reference section.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Conference