Biognosys Targeted Proteomics Research Services and Tools

Biognosys is a Swiss proteomics company dedicated to the development of targeted proteomics services and tools. Along with traditional, shotgun measurements, we use targeted, scheduled multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) to measure and quantify proteins from any species in any biological matrix. Our patented technology allows us to develop and validate MRM assays for new protein targets within 4 to 6 weeks with unprecedented efficiency. This approach not only accelerates biomarker or drug target discovery but also enables high-throughput protein measurement of drug response in complex samples.

Our product portfolio facilitates and optimises each step in mass spectrometry workflow: from sample preparation and assay selection, through mass spectrometry calibration and data analysis.

Tailor-made MRM proteomics research services

We support, implement and run your full protein analysis pipeline, starting with MRM assay design, through customised assay panels, to complete data evaluation of hundreds of samples. Thanks to our close partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Lund University, we operate on the cutting edge of proteomics and quantitative biology.

  • MRM assay development within 4 to 6 weeks for any organism
  • 100,000 human MRM assays available for screening
  • High-throughput, multiplexed protein measurements
  • Quantification of post-translational protein modifications
  • Comprehensive data analysis service

Whether the purpose is a biomarker discovery, drug target validation, measurement of post-translational protein modifications, quality control, etc. we provide you with our support exactly where you need it. Your assigned project scientist will be your single point of contact for your study. With regular project updates you will be timely informed about the reached milestones and your project progress. We can adapt to your needs for project timelines, report requirements and payment scheduling.

Biognosys is dedicated to advancing the MRM technology and promotes its use by publishing in high-ranking journals and by providing enabling tools for researchers. Our range of tools comprises MRM assays (MRMbase), kits (RT-Kit), and data analysis software (mQuest / mProphet).

Validated MRM assay library

MRMbase is more than just an MRM assay library. It is specifically designed to enable researchers to easily handle protein measurements on mass spectrometers in their own facilities.

  • One source for MRM assays ready to be uploaded into a mass spectrometer
  • Covers entire human proteome; other organisms in development
  • Each MRM assay contains iRT retention time for scheduled MRM
  • Online customer service and advice forum

Standardised retention time (RT) calibration

Biognosys RT-Kit contains carefully selected and validated retention time peptides which allow the convenient re-calibration of mass spectrometry systems. The RT-Kit is an indispensible tool to ensure quality control and reproducibility of MRM measurements.

  • Converts retention time into iRT, a machine-independent time scale
  • Increases throughput up to 20 times
  • Works across all gradients and LC-systems
  • Integrates with MRMbase assays for retention time prediction
  • Achieves multiplexed scale with scheduled MRM measurements

Automated mass spectrometry data analysis

mQuest & mProphet is a unique Biognosys proprietary software for MRM optimisation. It is part of Biognosys’s advanced data analysis workflow that ensures high quality and statistical validity of the data. For academic (non-commercial) use, Biognosys provides this software for free at the mProphet website (see link below). mProphet & mQuest offer in addition to MRM signal detection:

  • Automatic analysis of MRM data
  • Probabilistic scoring of targeted peptide identifications
  • Comprehensive protein quantification
  • Support for a large variety of workflows

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Press Release

Venture Capital for Swiss Proteomics Leader: Biognosys Raises CHF2.7m in Series A Financing

Biognosys, a Swiss ETH spin-off and pioneer in proteomics, has attracted venture capital from experienced investors including Syngenta Ventures.

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Press Release

12 December 2011

Setting up scheduled multiplexed MRM experiments and processing MRM signals is a challenge in proteomics research. Biognosys' proprietary software mQuest / mProphet, the RT-Kit and MRMbase assays resolve these issues

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6 November 2011

Biognosys, a Swiss ETH spin-off and pioneer in proteomics, has attracted venture capital from experienced investors including Syngenta Ventures.

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8 March 2011

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Biognosys AG

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8657387015331 +41 44 7382041 8657387015333

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