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20 - 21 November, Belgium

25-26 February

25-26 February

25-26 September 2013

9-10 September 2015 - Berlin, Germany

Analysis and Interpretation of Life Science Data

Assays for ADME and Pharmacokinetics, and Toxicological Research for Drug Discovery and Development

Automation Systems for Small-Molecule Drug and API Development

Bioinformatics Software Development

Biomarkers as Diagnostic Tests: Assessment, Product Development and Marketing

Biopharmaceutical and Drug Development

Biopharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment and Integrated Bioprocess Services

Biopharmaceuticals, Contract Research and Process Development

Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Product Development, Strategic Consultancy and Project Management

Biotechnology CRO and Biomarker Solutions Provider

Cell-Based In Vitro Models, ADME-Tox Services and Cell-Based Assay Kits

Clean Room Products, Fumigation Chambers and Decontamination Showers

Clinical Biomarker Services

Clinical Data Analysis and Modelling

Clinical Trial Comparator Supplies

Clinical Trial Support Services

Clinical Trials in Oncology Conference

Clinical Trials Planning and Management Services

Clinical Trials Services

Contract Development and Large-Scale Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals

Contract Manufacturing Of Biopharmaceuticals

Contract Manufacturing of Tablets, Film Tablets, Sugar-Coated Tablets and Liquids

Contract Research Organisation for Clinical Trials

Custom Synthesis, Asymmetric Chemistry and Co-Crystallisation

Customised Services for the Clinical Development of New Drug Substances and Drug Products

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research Experts

Diagnostic Assay Development Services

Digital Pen and Paper Technology

Disease Models, Biomarkers, Recombinant Proteins and Formulation Services

Enzymes, Kits and Reagents for Analysis of Glycosylation Patterns

Exploratory Drug Development of NCEs / NBEs

Full Range CRO for Target Discovery, Screening, Lead Optimisation, Preclinical and Clinical Services

Genomic and Bioinformatic Data Analysis Services

GMP Custom API and Dosage Form Services for Clinical Needs

GMP Custom Peptide Synthesis and Custom Peptide Manufacturing

Healthcare Market Reports and Analysis

Healthcare Regulatory Affairs Consultants

High-Quality Human Tissues and Biological Materials

High-Quality Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibody Services

Integrated Contract Pharmaceutical Development, Clinical Services and Commercial Manufacturing

Management Consulting for Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Companies

Manufacturer and Supplier of Customer-Defined Oligonucleotides

Manufacturing and Packaging of Clinical Trial Medication

Marine Glycobiology Products

Medicinal Chemistry, Array / Focused Library and Computational Chemistry Services

Molecular Biology, Recombinant Expression and Protein Purification, and Cell Line Development

Monitoring Equipment for Mice and Rat Ultrasonic Vocalisations

Mutagenicity Assays and Cytotoxicity Screening Kits

Next-Generation RNA Sequencing and Gene Regulation Analysis

Nonclinical Drug Development Services and Toxicology Consultancy

Online Pharmaceutical Analysis Training

pAVEway™: A Novel Platform for the Advanced Production of Protein Therapeutics

Peptide Research Tools

Peptide Synthesis and Antibody Production

Peptide Synthesis Service, Peptide Arrays and Protein Sequencing Services

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries Regulatory and Management Consulting Services

Pharmaceutical QA Consultants

Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Manufacturing Services

Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Conference

Preclinical Contract Research Organisation

Preclinical CRO Services

Preclinical Safety Studies and QC Testing for the Life Science Community

Pre-Clinical, Regulatory and Phase I/III Contract Clinical Research Services

Protein Biomarkers – Discovery, Assay Development and Testing

Quality Control Testing for the Life Sciences Industry

Reagents, Consumables and Research for Molecular and Cell Biology

Real-Time PCR Data Analysis Software and Services

Regulatory Affairs and Generic Drug Development Services

Remote-Controlled Magnetic Capsule and Magnetic Monitoring System for Human Drug Absorption Studies

Reproductive Function Testing

Research and Development Services for Clinical Studies and Regulatory Affairs

Returns for the 14th year

Reusable Containers for Transportation of Temperature-Controlled Mediscience Products

Salt, Polymorph and Co-Crystallisation Screening, Crystallisation Development, and Synthetic Chemistry

Secure Biological Sample Storage

Specialised Proteomic Target and Biomarker R&D Services for Membrane Proteins and Antibodies

Specialist Clinical Services

Tailored Research and Services for Drug Development

Targeted Proteomics Research Services and Tools

Transdermal Therapeutic Systems and Oral Thin Films