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PLA 2.0 Software for Analyzing - Parallel-Line and Parallel-Logistic Assays

Biological or potency assays are frequently analyzed with the help of the parallel-line or parallel-logistic (4 or 5 parameter fit) methods. These methods have major advantages over traditional single-point assays:

  • The linear or sigmoidal dose-response correlation is not only assumed but confirmed in each calculation
  • The dose-response curves of the standard and sample preparations are confirmed to be parallel
  • Whereas in single-point analysis parallelism is a necessary requirement too, but cannot be proven
  • A dose-independent potency in terms of the standard’s potency is calculated for each assay, and its validity is statistically proven

The complex statistical analysis of these methods requires an advanced software solution to be easy, flexible and efficient. This is the mission of our PLA 2.0.

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