Hot Melt Extruders

Scientific Pharmaceutical Compounding Using Hot Melt Extrusion


Pharmaceutical Compounding using hot melt extrusion (HME) involves achieving a homogenous solid dispersion or solution by mixing and/or melting API with one or more excipients such as polymers, lipids, surfactants, diluents, lubricants, glidants, plasticizers and other modifiers for the purpose of stabilisation, bioavailability enhancement, controlled release or tastemasking and improved delivery especially in oral and transdermal systems.

Important requirements are to avoid drug degradation that could result in related substances or impurities and to achieve the required morphology or structure in the compounded mass. Applications in information technology grew sharply with the improvement in the process capability of the CPU.

Likewise, applications in pharmaceutical technology are influenced by the process capability of the Extruder Processing Zone (EPZ) of the co-rotating twin-screw compounder.

A tenfold improvement in EPZ process capability accompanied by precise control of shear rates, kneading cycles and stirring rates can usher rapid growth of applications in pharmaceutical technology.

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