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Identification of Gene Expression Biomarkers Associated with Clinical Response in Ovarian Cancer

In this whitepaper, data from Gene Logic’s BioExpress® system are used to identify potential gene expression biomarkers associated with clinical response in ovarian cancer. The BioExpress system contains the gene expression profiles of over 18,000 clinical and research samples processed using Affymetrix GeneChip® arrays. It includes more than 2,400 human malignancies, with extensive clinical data annotation. Using the Genesis Enterprise System® software to mine the database, patients with ovarian cancer were identified that had associated clinical follow-up data. The cancer samples from these patients were grouped into responder and non-responder sets based on clinical outcome, and a simple but powerful analysis was performed to identify a set of genes that discriminate the two patient groups. The results demonstrate that a gene set may be rapidly identified in a small cohort of patients that can predict therapeutic outcomes. A similar approach to biomarker gene set identification may be used for discrimination between other clinically definable cancer sub-populations.

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