OncoQuest starts enrolment in Phase I/II ovarian cancer trial

Canada-based OncoQuest has started enrolling patients in a Phase I/II clinical trial to evaluate the combination of its antibody oregovomab with Hiltonol as a treatment for ovarian cancer.

Oregovomab is a high-affinity monoclonal antibody, which is being developed to bind to tumour-associated antigen CA125 (MUC16) and trigger an immune response.

Hiltonol is an investigational agonist of TLR3 and acts as an immune adjuvant.

Managed and monitored by US-based clinical research organisation (CRO) Veristat, the Phase I/II trial is being conducted at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute in Orlando and at Virginia Commonwealth University's Massey Cancer Centre in Richmond.

"Oregovomab is a high-affinity monoclonal antibody, which is being developed to bind to tumour-associated antigen CA125."

The trial will assess the use of oregovomab when administered as a combination therapy with an immune adjuvant in a recurrent setting.

Oregovomab is also being investigated in another Phase I/II trial that commenced in May this year. This trial is studying Oregovomab in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor called nivolumab for recurrent ovarian cancer.

OncoQuest CEO Dr Madiyalakan said: "Hiltonol is an investigational TLR3 agonist that has been found to stimulate both cellular and humoral immune response, and is being tested as an immune adjuvant in a number of oncology studies.

"We will evaluate the outcome from this study and our other study using a checkpoint inhibitor combination to identify how best to utilise oregovomab in this important clinical setting.”