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06 December 2016
Industry News

CSL Behring reports positive Phase III PROLONG-9FP trial data of IDELVION to treat haemophilia B
Australian CSL's US biotherapeutics subsidiary CSL Behring has reported positive results from its Phase III PROLONG-9FP clinical development programme of IDELVION to treat haemophilia B.

Novartis reports positive Phase II SUSTAIN study results of SEG101 to treat SCPC
Novartis has reported positive data from its Phase II SUSTAIN study of SEG101 (crizanlizumab) to treat sickle-cell-related pain crises (SCPC).

Janssen-Cilag reports long-term follow-up data from Phase III RESONATE-2 trial of Ibrutinib to treat CLL
Janssen-Cilag has reported positive long-term follow-up results from its Phase III RESONATE-2 trial of Ibrutinib to treat chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL).

Cytokinetics initiates Phase III trial of omecamtiv mecarbil to treat chronic heart failure
US-based late-stage biopharmaceutical company Cytokinetics has initiated its Phase III GALACTIC-HF clinical trial of omecamtiv mecarbil to treat patients experiencing chronic heart failure.

Press Releases

Malvern Hosts Webinar on Optimising Gel Permeation Chromotography (GPC) Measurements by Combining High-Performance Columns and Powerful Advanced Detectors
Malvern has announced it will be hosting a webinar discussing gel permeation chromatography (GPC).

Malvern Hosts Webinar Discussing the Analysis of Particulates in Injectable Drugs
Malvern has announced its latest webinar discussing the types of technologies used for analysing particulates in injectable drugs.

Malvern Announce Web Seminar for Developers and Manufacturers of Battery Slurries
Advancements in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops has increased demand for advances in battery technology.

Malvern Hosts Webinar on Using a Diffusion Interaction Parameter Measurement for Taylor Dispersion Analysis
Malvern has announced it will host a webinar discussing the use of a diffusion interaction parameter (kD) measurement for the Taylor dispersion analysis in early stages of development.

Malvern Announce Webinar to Discuss Rheological Requirements of Paintings and Coatings
Malvern will be hosting a webinar to discuss the rheological requirements of paintings and coatings, as well as how they can be measured using a rotational rheometer.

White Papers

Using FlexyCUBE in Risk and Quality Analysis
In the first reaction step, an acid is added with constant thermal reduction (TR) control and stirrer...

Validated Metal Analysis
Four commonly utilized carbohydrates for ptotein stabilization are Sucrose, Trehalose, Mannitol, and...

Benefits of Trehalose
Products such as monoclonal antibodies (mAb), fusion proteins, peptides, vaccines, antibody drug conjugulates (ADC) and stem cells benefit from the stabilising effects of...

From Gene to Finished Vial
Biovian is a one-stop-shop in GMP contract manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, covering services from early development to finished...

Stability Analysis of Proteins for the Biopharmaceutical Industry
The biggest class of biopharmaceuticals on the market is monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and their specific binding nature provides an opportunity to use them to modulate...

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