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19 January 2017
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ImmunoPrecise Antibodies - Custom Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibody Development

Softigel - Contract Development Services and Drug Delivery Systems

Gamlen Instruments - Benchtop Tablet Manufacture Instruments, Research Analysers, and Formulation Training for Drug Development

Successful Strategies International - Customized Project Management and Leadership Development Courses

Sartorius - Biopharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment and Integrated Bioprocess Services

Press Releases

Measuring the zeta potential of planar surfaces with Zetasizer Nano
Malvern has announced it will host a webinar to discuss how to measure zeta surface potential.

Malvern to Host Webinar on Using Size Exclusion chromatography (SEC) for Protein Characterisation
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is a popular analytical technique for studying protein molecular weight, oligomeric state, aggregation, and conjugation.

Gamlen R series Featured in International Journal of Pharmaceutics Paper
'Characterisation of Tableting Properties Measured with a Multi-functional Compaction Instrument for Several Pharmaceutical Excipients and Actual Tablet Formulations' is the latest paper to be published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics detailing research undertaken using a Gamlen instrument (IJP 510(2016) 195-202).

Malvern Experts to Host 'Festive' Webinar Personally Answering Letters to Father Characterisation
Malvern has announced it will host a live-panel webinar for the discussion of challenges submitted in an online form on the company's website.

Malvern Hosts Webinar on Optimising Gel Permeation Chromotography (GPC) Measurements by Combining High-Performance Columns and Powerful Advanced Detectors
Malvern has announced it will be hosting a webinar discussing gel permeation chromatography (GPC).

White Papers

Using Mophologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy to Detect Counterfeit Drugs
In drug formulation, precise components require careful blending and processing to create a final product that can be administered to deliver the required clinical...

Develop Stable Dispersions in Formulation Development with Zetasizer
Formulation development is a critical activity for many industries, from pharmaceuticals, to paints and coatings. Stability is a crucial element, making a direct impact on performance,...

What to Keep in Mind when Purchasing an Advanced Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)/Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) System
Buying a new piece of laboratory equipment is always a big decision, with thousands of dollars often being invested on relatively little...

Using FlexyCUBE in Risk and Quality Analysis
In the first reaction step, an acid is added with constant thermal reduction (TR) control and stirrer...

Gamlen Tablet Press Show Similar Capabilities to Fette 2090 High-Speed Tablet Press
Two formulations compacted on the Gamlen Tablet Press have shown matching results with production data obtained on high-speed rotary tablet press Fette...


2016: The year's biggest Drug Development Technology stories
NIAID began a new HIV vaccine study in South Africa and Eli Lilly’s Phase III trial of Alzheimer disease drug failed. Drugdevelopment-technology wraps-up the key headlines from 2016.

November’s top stories: Wellcome’s clinical trial network, Eli Lilly’s Alzheimer disease drug trial
UK’s Wellcome recommended a clinical trial network for efficient drug development, and Eli Lilly’s Alzheimer disease drug trial failed to meet endpoints. Drugdevelopment-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from November.

October’s top stories: Eurocine Vaccines initiated influenza vaccine study, IVF usage led to conceiving male child
Eurocine Vaccines initiated a Phase I/II influenza vaccine study and a new study suggested in-vitro fertilisation increases the chances of conceiving a male child. Drugdevelopment-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from October 2016.

September's top stories: Oncternal begins TK216 trial, Medical cannabis trials begin in Canada
Oncternal Therapeutics began dosing patients in its Phase I clinical trial of TK216 to treat Ewing sarcoma and Tilray and University of British Columbia began patient enrolment in Canada’s first Phase II clinical trial of medical cannabis to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Drugdevelopment-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from September 2016.

August's top stories: Gradalis' Phase I breast cancer trial, Biothera and Merck conducted combination cancer immunotherapy trials
Gradalis dosed the first patient in its pilot Phase I trial of a combination of Vigil Engineered Autologous Tumour Cells (EATCs) and durvalumab to treat advanced breast cancer, and Biothera collaborated with Merck to expand the ongoing clinical programme of Merck’s KEYTRUDA and Biothera’s Imprime PGG. Drugdevelopment-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from August 2016.


Soliqua 100/33 for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Developed by Sanofi, Soliqua 100/33 (insulin glargine & Lixisenatide injection) is indicated for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

Xultophy 100/3.6 for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Developed by Novo Nordisk, Xultophy 100/3.6 is indicated for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Stelara (Ustekinumab) for the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Crohn’s Disease
Developed by Janssen Biotech, Stelara (Ustekinumab) is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severely active Crohn's disease.

Vemlidy (Tenofovir Alafenamide) for Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection
Developed by Gilead Sciences, Vemlidy (Tenofovir Alafenamide) is indicated for the treatment of Hepatitis B virus infection with compensated liver disease in adult patients.

Zinplava (bezlotoxumab) for the Treatment of Clostridium Difficile Infection
Zinplava (bezlotoxumab) is an injectable solution developed by Merck indicated for the treatment of clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in adult patients who are already receiving anti-bacterial drug treatment.

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