ImmunXperts Immunology Services for Drug Development

ImmunXperts offers a wide range of immunology services that include risk assessment and mitigation of drug developers’ immunogenicity profiles, functional screening solutions for immuno-oncology candidates, and the development of potency assays for cell therapy.

The company also provides services for the isolation and cryopreservation of biological samples, as well as support and training for assay development.

ImmunXperts works closely with a wide network of scientific advisers, immunology experts, international subcontractors and academic partners. This broad network allows ImmunXperts access to innovative technologies and services.

Immunogenicity services for drug development applications

ImmunXperts’ immunogenicity services include in-silico assessment, humanisation and deimmunisation, as well as performing in-vitro assays, ranging from T-cell proliferation and cytokine release assays to major histocompatibility complex-associated peptide proteomics (MAPPS) assays.

The company offers these services individually or as part of a comprehensive package, which allows life science companies to completely outsource the immunogenicity assessment process.

Development advances in immuno-oncology

ImmunXperts supports drug developers in accessing recent advances in the field of immuno-oncology, which show potential in the treatment of a wide variety of malignancies. A range of novel immunotherapies involving monoclonal antibodies and other biologics platforms, cytokines, small molecule compounds, and cellular therapies are being explored.

The company’s solutions allow clients to screen these novel or combination therapies for immunomodulatory effectiveness during the early development stages.

ImmunXperts has extensive experience in-vitro bioassays involving human primary immune cells, including mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR), antigen-specific T-cell activation, and macrophage polarisation assays.

Customised assay formats can be developed upon request.

Cell therapy services

ImmunXperts aims to help drug developers cure diseases that currently only have palliative treatments. Cell therapy companies in this area are required to manufacture large batches of high-quality biological products for cell therapy with quantifiably strong potency levels.

The company develops customised in-vitro assays with specific potency assessment to help clients meet the regulatory requirements for Phase III clinical trials and commercialisation.

Training services and consultancy via its ImmunAcademy platform for immunogenicity, cell therapy and immuno-oncology

ImmunXperts provides training and consultancy services from the ImmunAcademy platform for immunogenicity of biotherapeutics, cell therapy and immuno-oncology.

Services available at the ImmunAcademy include:

  • Theoretical courses on immunology and immunogenicity and hands-on lab training
  • Customer site technical support for those interested in setting up their own immunology bioassays
  • Advice on the analysis and interpretation of generated data
  • Coaching staff to implement strategies for immunology bioassay development, as well as immunogenicity risk assessments and mitigation
  • Sourcing the materials required for implementing custom-developed bioassays

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Press Release

ImmunXperts to Attend CHI’s Immunogenicity and Bioassay Summit

ImmunXperts has announced it is going to participate at the Immunogenicity and Bioassay Summit in Washington, DC.

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In-vitro Bioassays to Accelerate Immuno-Oncology Candidate Selection

In recent years, significant advancement has been made in the clinical application of cancer immunotherapies.

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Press Release

23 October 2018

ImmunXperts has announced it is going to participate at the Immunogenicity and Bioassay Summit in Washington, DC.

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ImmunXperts SA

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