B&W Tek Raman Spectroscopy for Laboratory Analysis and Process Applications

B&W Tek is an advanced instrumentation producer of Raman spectroscopy instrumentation and systems for the pharmaceutical, biomedical and chemical industries, as well as research communities.

Since 1997, the company has combined innovative technologies with custom design and manufacturing capabilities to deliver high-quality Raman spectroscopy solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms.

Advanced Raman spectrometers for material identification

B&W Tek offers a complete line of high-performance, portable and handheld Raman spectrometers for laboratory applications.

The company’s extensive portfolio comprises an assortment of ready-to-use, off-the-shelf products that can be combined to form a complete setup.

B&W Tek offers clients a combination of lasers, spectrometers, accessories and software, which are designed and manufactured in-house.

Portable Raman measurement analysers through opaque packaging

The i-Raman® Pro ST is the latest addition to B&W Tek’s award-winning i-Raman series, which is designed to deliver rapid material identification through a variety of barrier layers and packaging.

This versatile device combines a high-throughput spectrometer, advanced algorithms and specialised sampling optics in a portable Raman measurement system.

It collects Raman signals from beneath the top diffusion layers, including white plastic bottles, paper envelopes and tablet coatings, which enables a sample to be processed without opening the container or tablet capsule. This significantly reduces the risk of material contamination, while maintaining product integrity.

The i-Raman® Pro ST can be used for Raman analysis across a wide range of rapid molecular identification applications.

The device can also be set-up to run on batteries for Raman collection and analysis outside the laboratory.

Mobile software for analysis of molecules for material identification

B&W Tek offers a range of integrated software packages that are compatible with the i-Raman® Pro ST.

This mobile software allows for quick material identification and real-time predictions through easy-to-use spectral data acquisition functions that collect and export data, as well as provides basic post-processing and analysis.

The flexible packages can also be connected in a laboratory via an external computer and B&W Tek’s full software development kit (SDK) allows advanced users to build their own software or integrate it into a larger system. In addition, the program can be paired with BWSpecPC software, which offers additional analysis capabilities.

About B&W Tek

B&W Tek provides solutions with high-performance laser technologies and custom designs.

Designing and manufacturing its own core components in-house, the company focuses on vertical integration for increased efficiency and faster growth, allowing it to provide high-quality and cost-effective products.

The company has so far had more than 10,000 Raman spectrometers sold worldwide.

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Press Release

B&W Tek’s New Website for Transmission Raman Spectroscopy

B&W Tek is proud to announce the launch of contentuniformity.com, a fully comprehensive website on the QTRam® and the benefits of transmission Raman spectroscopy.

White Papers

B&W Tek NanoRam Handheld Raman Spectrometer

The NanoRam is a state-of-the-art handheld Ramen instrument for non-destructive identification and verification of incoming raw materials such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients, and intermediates.

B&W Tek

19 Shea Way

Newark, DE 19713

United States of America

+1 302 368 7824 www.bwtek.com

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Press Release

11 January 2019

B&W Tek is proud to announce the launch of contentuniformity.com, a fully comprehensive website on the QTRam® and the benefits of transmission Raman spectroscopy.

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20 December 2018

B&W Tek has recently released the latest versions of its NanoRam® operating and data management software packages, NOS V5.16 and NID V5.16.

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27 July 2018

Switzerland-based chemical analysis products manufacturer Metrohm and US-based Raman spectroscopy equipment supplier B&W Tek have announced the acquisition of B&W Tek’s Spectroscopy Solution Business, B&W Tek and several overseas subsidiaries.

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11 July 2018

B&W Tek has announced the TacticID®-1064, a handheld Raman analyser for real-time identification of suspicious and unknown substances in the field.  

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31 May 2018

B&W Tek has announced the release of its new uniformity measurement system that is powered by the award-winning STRaman™ technology.

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4 April 2018

B&W Tek is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Spinco-B&W Tek Center of Excellence Lab in India.

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8 March 2018

US-based spectroscopy specialist B&W Tek has announced that the company’s innovative STRaman™ Raman analyser for See-Through (ST) analysis through opaque barriers has been awarded a Pittcon Today Excellence Gold Award at the 2018 Pittcon Conference.

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Regional Offices

B&W Tek

19 Shea Way

Newark, DE 19713

United States of America

+1 302 368 7824 www.bwtek.com

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