• Data Capture Changes the Face of Pharma

    From electronic data capture to taking a more psychological view, data collection in drug development is changing. Phil Taylor speaks to experts in the field about where some of the...

  • The Elusive Alzheimer’s Cure

    As people live longer, cases of Alzheimer's disease are getting more frequent. Mike Pearn investigates which pharmaceutical firms are willing to do battle with the high clinical trial costs.

  • A New Pharmaceutical World Order

    Global healthcare analysts IMS Healthcare recently forecast a new pharmaceutical market world order for 2013. This highlights the rapid rise of emerging countries, as Alex Hawkes investigates.

  • The Fight Against Drug Resistance

    Drugs are becoming a victim of their own success with resistant strains of diseases becoming increasingly common. Dr Gareth Evans looks at the strategies being taken to combat this worrying...

  • Tracing Supply Chain Standards

    For a water-tight supply chain, track and trace standards must begin at the very earliest stages of clinical trials. With industry experts meeting in June at VIB's GMP and GCP...

  • No Pill for Rough Seas

    The pharmaceutical sector is facing unprecedented challenges caused by the economic downturn. President Obama's planned overhaul of the US healthcare system is also having considerable effect. Datamonitor findings show that...

  • Transforming Tomorrow’s Clinical Trials

    Ensuring maximum exposure to molecule has taken late-stage clinical trials down a costly and time-consuming path. With two major VIB events being held in June 2009 to advance the clinical...

  • Preparing for a Pandemic

    Behind the scenes, UK institutions are working together to stop the spread of H1N1 swine flu as best they can. Natalie Coomber reports on the steps taken so far.

  • Swine Flu – Know the Facts

    The world is in a state of concern that the latest strain of swine flu could soon turn into a global pandemic. We examine the history of the virus, the...


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