• 11 April 2018

    Computer simulation offers digital penicillin production

    Researchers from Austrian university TU Wien and international pharmaceutical company Sandoz have developed a computer simulation that replicates the growth behaviour of penicillin-producing organisms, enabling drug production to continue without...

  • 15 February 2018

    Ketone drink limits spikes in blood sugar

    Researchers have tested a drink containing a ketone supplement and found that it can limit spikes in blood sugar experienced after consuming carbohydrate.

  • 5 February 2018

    Leukaemia drug may be repurposed to fight other cancers

    New research from Arizona State University’s (ASU) Biodesign Institute has found that leukaemia drug ibrutinib, marketed by Janssen under the Imbruvica brand name, could be instrumental in developing new cancer...